Unit 3

paspaperBeing Prepared Once your subject-matter expert has agreed to the interviewed, then plan your questions to fit the timeframe allotted. Be fully prepared. Preparation for the interview will help you avoid shuffling through your notes, or thinking about questions you want to ask while the interview is in progress. A recording device may be helpful, but let them know they are being recorded. Points to keep in mind when preparing for an interview include:

Research the subject - As an interviewer, you are responsible for possessing a certain degree of background knowledge. Become familiar with key terms so the conversation will not halt when you ask what something means.

Prepare the direction of the interview - Starting an interview with a list of questions will help you steer the interview in the right direction. Use and order to the questions that make sense as they flow through process explanations. Preparing the questions and with foresight of possible answers to stay in control. Remember your list is a guide and to be flexible.  

Prepare for shifts - Prepare for the unexpected by bringing an extra set of batteries for your audio recorder. Have plenty of paper to write on and two pens in case one runs out of ink. Turn your cell phone off and if it is in your office, turn off your email.
To assemble your questions quickly, use the SME Interview Questions Template