conclusion image.pngFollow up - When reaching the development phase of instructional design, you will have the SMEs review samples of your instruction materials. They will make sure content aligns with the learning goals and objectives and reaches the instructional goals. Present samples that are easy to follow and demonstrate the design elements including color, font, graphics and images. Share ideas on how you see the project going and the content with the delivery of instruction and the technology preference. Be sure to listen to their ides and utilize what you learned from the initial interview.

Internalize the Basics - As a research method, interviewing subject-matter experts can enhance a project and inject new ideas. Making the most of an interview, however, takes practice. By internalizing basic interviewing skills, you will be free to focus on the content of your interview rather than on the process.

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Last Words - Now you are ready to interview a subject-matter expert in a professional manner. Your interviews will be efficient as you establish meaningful relationships allowing for a smoother design process. You are able to: