home image.pngSubject Matter Experts (SMEs) are a necessary part of instructional design as they provide information, advise on instructional methods and review written content and materials. Setting up efficient interviews can be a crucial part in establishing a good relationship, allowing for smoother design processes. The interview should be conducted in a professional manner. Upon completion of this course:

Unit 1

The three components of the SME interview are:

The Types of SME interviews are:

After an interview with a SME, be sure to:

Unit 2

Include in the email contact template:

Unit 3

Three ways to be prepared for an interview with an SME are:

Types of interview questions include:

Unit 4

The meeting’s controllable dynamics are:

While conducting an interview with a SME you need to:

Download the Job aid for this course

The left column contains the roles of the subject matter expert vs. the instructional designer. The right column has quick tips in working with SMEs (click on the lightbulb for further reading).