Unit 2

unit2 image.pngSetting up the Interview - The subject-matter expert must agree to an interview and with time constraints and busy schedules, this can be a challenge. A commitment of one to two hours for an interview may be a lot to ask; be flexible in setting up a time and location for the interview. You may have to break it up into smaller timeframes or meet during their lunch hour. Provide full disclosure on the purpose of your project to show the interviewee you are an ethical, reasonable person. If possible, answer as many of the interviewee's questions in advance as possible, such as the type of information that you are seeking, where your work will be published, and when they will be needed to review your work. Send an invite to them though email from outlook and schedule the meeting time once agreed upon and have a reminder set for both of you. In the invite, include a description of what will be discussed, any materials that should be present and what is to be expected.

When contacting the SME by email, use the Email Contact template

Instructions on filling out the email contact template:

Keep in mind - Managing SMEs requires professionalism and empathy along with good communication tools and skills. Getting the information you need often depends on handling: remember, they are rarely evaluated on their SME effectiveness. The assignment is often in addition to their real job.